Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fun Saturday

Obviously having these fun days never work out for me on Friday, so I am officially changing it to be Fun Saturday! Thanks again to Wall-to-Wall books for these questions!

1. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook! I never understood the obsession with twitter. It's not like anyone cares you are buying milk!

2. Print or Ebook? I like both. I have both a Nook and Kindle Fire, but it always seems that I am wanting to pick up a paper copy, just for the feel and smell. I do love my e-readers also!

3. M&M's or Skittles? I would have to say M&M's. I like Skittles, but only the red ones, so I suppose M&M's are more economical.

4. Cat or Dog? Dogs! Don't get me wrong, cats are cute and all, but I love the companionship a dog provides. At the moment I have two lovable furry friends named Java (16) and Gerty (4). We jokingly call them frick and frack because they are ALWAYS together!

5. Call or Text? Texting! Is it just me or does NO ONE call anymore. I think I use about 15 minutes a month as compared to my 500+ texts.

6. Summer or Winter? Neither. I like spring and fall because they are the perfect mixture of warm and cool.

7. City or Country? City! I visited NYC two years ago and I am dying to go back. I love the hustle and bustle and the people watching!

8. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate---mmm...I love squares of Ghirradelli(sp?) dark chocolate

9. Sandals or Sneakers? It's a toss up for me. Sandals because I love to show off my brightly painted toenails, but also sneakers because I love getting to wear all of my colorful Target socks!

10. The Hunger Games or Twilight? Hunger Games! I went to see the movie today and it was AMAZING!

11. Spring or Fall? Now I feel really stupid because I didn't even know this question existed. I guess I will answer #6 for this one. I guess I prefer Summer because warm is always better than cold.

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